Kunle AlabaSome Christians are concerned about the trend in Christendom lately (iPod, iPhone Bible, and all the various biblical applications that are fast taking the place of our hard copy Bibles). They postulated that this is not the same for our Muslim counterparts. Their concerns are with genuine intentions, but little can anyone do to uphold the church of God or deter it.  Come what may, “My church shall be built and the gates of hell…(you know the rest)

I pray that this write-up will not be a wake-up call for my Muslim friends, for the simple reason that I love them dearly and I am hoping that one day, they will be quoting the Bible with me via its easy access. My prayer is that we will never see Quran on Ipad, iPhone, OR whatever(sorry, Wasiu, you know I love you) in Jesus name.

I am not ruling out the fact that the devil and his cohorts are always strategizing everyday, but on this one they have blown it! I am sure they are regretting their actions already. This is called accessibility, reading enhancement, and easy retrieval, kai! the devil is in trouble!

My fellow Christian friends, it is not so much about the medium of propagation, rather the content of and our personal dispositions to these media of propagation. I have a feeling that people with this school of thought are probably concerned about the potency of the word of God which in reality is not in the hardcopy of the wooden made paper bible that our parents so much believes in and invariably put under their pillows at night when sleeping in other to ward off evil spirit (lol).

Mark ZUCKER whatever(God bless his heart. I meant the Facebook guy) today might not be too happy with the way people like us have invaded this medium with our faith, because from what I heard; he is a confessing atheist. I have a pastor friend whose ministry alone is internet-based and he is reaching out to people all over the world from his office and these people are daily testifying about the power of God even on the internet, on Facebook, on Twitter, on skype, some are falling under the anointing in the corner of their bedroom in Croatia, in Singapore, receiving the Holy Ghost baptism and most of all being redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus while listening to my pastor friend from his network set up in his offices and relayed services from churches here in the United States.

  • My mindset, therefore, is that according to the word of God in the book of Joel, knowledge will abound like waters of the seas in these last days and no one, I repeat, “no one will have an excuse” I do tell people that, “there is a place of worship for every children of God whichever way you want it. If you want takasufe church, go to (house on the rock, household of God, etc), if you want kasko church, go to (Deeperlife and a few others, oh yeah, not too many of such, of course, there are few KASKOS in general), hey! How about Apostolic faith(ijo elekun) if you want in the middle church,  (winners and redeem are waiting with opened arms).If you want things done orderly and with all piety, go to Anglican, Methodist(oops, my friend Bishop Davies is not finding this funny, sorry, my dear friend) If your passion is prayer? go to the mountain of fire.
  •    Please, how will you like to worship God, and I will recommend a church for you? That reminds me of that old song from Marymary’s first album” whatever you want? God gat it??? (afro, juju, apala, fuji, r&b, soul, jazz,reggae, latin, pop, melow, noisy, mid tone. Name it!, I say name your price right now! Jesus has paid it all for you, there will be no excuse for you on that day my brothers and sisters.  Paul said he had to be flexible just to win some. There is a flexible gathering that will meet your taste out there, go for it, don’t endure the gathering of the saints, we have a lot of individual differences, but one thing only in common(JESUS as capsulated in his words, just be sure there is no deviation from the word of God). FIND YOUR PLACE RIGHT NOW AND FIT IN, THEY ARE WAITING FOR YOU!
  • Don’t be entangled in controversies, the word of God is life and spirit, it is hovering around, bring it alive from whatever medium you gat right now in Jesus name!
  • Can you imagine how frustrated the devil and his agents are lately? Every invention they created for their covert plans, we are there using it to the glory of God, little wonder, they started posting evil comments and pictures on our behalf lately!